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Astronaut Capital is a crypto asset manager focused on providing an outperforming investment vehicle to sophisticated and institutional investors. Through extensive research, detailed due diligence, and a constant strive for alpha, Astronaut Capital has become one of the leading managers for cryptocurrency and digital asset investment.

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A Fund Exploring New Territories

We are a research-integrated asset manager, focused on pairing fundamental and qualitative research of cryptocurrencies with strategic capital deployment.

Matt Dibb | CEO
Astronaut is an asset manager which leverages the fundamental and technological expertise of some of the industry's leading blockchain analysts. Since 2016, we have been an active participant in the cryptocurrency market through institutional-grade analysis, trading and seed investment.
By employing a traditional approach to research and deployment of capital, our goal is to continue to deliver value to our investors by outperforming all major benchmarks through selective investment into early-stage projects.

Portfolio Manager

An extensive track record in funds management, investment banking, venture capital and multi-sector analysis.

CEO of Astronaut Capital and Picolo Research. 10+ years of investment banking, equities trading and small cap research.

Matt Dibb
Founder | CIO

Specialising in fundamental and technical analysis of emerging companies. Previously analyst at top-tier brokerage houses. CFA II registered.

Lennard Neo
Lead Portfolio Manager

Fully integrated asset management

Specializing in deployment of investor capital into strategic growth areas across the cryptocurrency market.

As an investment manager, Astronaut Capital employs an Investment Committee (IC) which identifies the significant areas for growth across the digital asset ecosystem. Our team comes from an extensive and dynamic background of investment banking, funds management and market analysis.
Our team believes in a diversified investment methodology, placing a portion of liquid capital into speculative assets such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), whilst also gaining a balanced exposure to top market cap cryptocurrencies and derivatives.

Research-driven decision-making to identify sound investments across the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Astronaut Capital exclusively uses Picolo Research and Crush Crypto as its analysis and due diligence team. This allows us to take an independent and untainted approach to value investing.
All investments that the company deploys capital into is backed by an extensive research report that can be read by all investors that are subscribed to Astronaut's asset management vehicles.

Pairing long-term fundamental analysis with technical due diligence to produce alpha for Astronaut subscribers.

We have a focus on creating the middle-ground between short-term liquid investment and long term venture capital. Astronaut Capital seeks to maintain a liquid portfolio that is diversified amongst several thematic sectors in the market.
Our investment thesis holds 'opportunity cost' in high regard, realising the impact that long-term illiquid investment can have on an active portfolio. A unique blend of liquid assets together with seed-staged cornerstone investment provides the best opportunity for growth in this ever-changing market.

Hedging of assets during periods of negative market performance and increasing volatility.

While the fund focuses on long exposure to outperform the core index, we also utilize a mix of fiat, futures and stablecoins when significant volatility or downside is expected in the market.
The funds intention is to keep a highly liquid portion of such capital available for lumpy market conditions, therefore contributing to margin and leverage for short exposure.


Astronaut Capital exclusively operate two research-houses for investment due diligence. View our free resources at Picolo Research and Crush Crypto for more information.

Astronaut Liquid Fund

Learn more about the flexibility of the new long/short Liquid Fund for institutional and select accredited investors.